Sunday, December 22, 2013

Secret Santa

Hey guys!

End of November Lena had a glorious idea - a nail polish Secret Santa! Of course I had to join in on the fun. Each participant should send out five polishes they don't want to keep in their collection. There was pretty much only one rule: The polishes must not have any actual defects - they're just colors/finishes/formulas/etc., that you don't personally like. So today I wanna show you what I got!

Of course I read the card first. Look at that pretty tape! It's holographic! But now let's see what was in that bubble wrap...

My Secret Santa was so generous as to give me six polishes! Left to right, top to bottom: Max Factor - Intense Plum and Silver, LCN - Bold Bordeaux and Kosmetik Kosmo - Drachenzunge, essence - night in vegas and L'Oréal - Luxembourggarden

And here's a quick swatch of them (no top coat), except for Luxembourggarden, which I already owned. Two coats for all except Silver, and then I also put night in vegas over them, just to show the effect. I also already own night in vegas, but I'm really excited to have a backup of it!

All in all I wanna say a big thanks to Jessie, my (not so) Secret Santa! I - and that was surprising even for me - like all the polishes you sent me, and I'm especially thrilled about night in vegas, since I LOVE this topper. Thank you so much! Also I wanna give kudos to Lena for organizing this thing, I can imagine it was a lot to manage. I'm definitely looking forward to round two, which will be around March - maybe it'll be a Secret Easter Bunny? Though I think Easter is quite a bit later. Anyway, a big thanks to both of you! ♥


  1. Was für ein grandioses Tauschpaket! Da werde ich ja fast blass vor Neid :x Okay, Drachenzunge habe ich schon - aber die anderen Lacke sind toll!
    Und: Gern geschehen, mir hat das (trotz recht großem Aufwand) doch sehr viel Spaß gemacht und jetzt alle Päckchen zu sehen, ist sowieso grandios :)

    1. Ja, ich hatte wirklich Glück!

      Stimmt, die Päckchen alle zu sehen ist toll, ich hab da auch richtig Spaß dran gehabt :)


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