Monday, November 4, 2013

[Swatch] Catrice Limited Edition Thrilling Me Softly nail polishes - Discreet, Suspect, Allure, Daredevil

Hey guys!

I need to get this post out before you can't find this LE anymore, so here we go - I only picked up four of the five available shades since I really don't like those dark, plum-toned creme polishes. I kinda wanted to buy "Occult" (the fifth polish in the LE, duh) just for the name, but I restrained myself. Channeling my Scott McCall there, maybe? Also, cookies for you if you get this reference.

I believe this is two coats with top coat. I swatched this ages ago, sorry guys. In any case this is a nude that's on the beige-brownish side. It looks kind of dirty with the brown tone in it, don't you think?

Two coats with top coat. A very light gold shade. Not my favorite, but I don't hate it either. I guess I'm pretty much neutral on this one.

This was also two coats, I think, with top coat. Easily my favorite with its - indeed very alluring - red-pink shimmer in a red base. Love it!

Two coats with top coat. Now this one has the best name in the whole LE, in my opinion.

I'm sorry I can't be sure anymore how many coats I applied for the first three. There was a huge gap between me swatching those three and swatching the last one. I just never got around to it, I guess. Anyway, I think Allure and Daredevil are worth checking out - if you don't like red cremes then just try Allure. Discreet isn't bad but it's not in my comfort zone as far as nudes go, I prefer the more pink-toned ones.


  1. Discreet is lovely :) I already have so many simiar shades... can't help it... love them :D

    1. Haha, yeah, it happens to all of us :D

  2. hach jetzt bereue ich es den Nude Lack nicht gekauft zu haben... :D

  3. Discreet - schön, schön, schööön! Bisher habe ich den Lacken dieser LE keine große Beachtung geschenkt, da sie nicht meinem Beuteschema entsprechen, aber wenn ich mir Discreet so auf deinen Nägeln ansehe...die Drogerien in meiner Gegend sind eh immer etwas spät dran was LEs angeht (hat auch seine Vorteile!), vielleicht ergattere ich ja noch ein Exemplar.

    (P.S.: schöner Blog, ich habe die letzten 20 Minuten damit verbracht, mir deine Swatches anzusehen - toll, hast einen Bloglovinanhänger mehr)

    1. Ich kann mich noch nicht richtig entscheiden, ob er mir nun gefällt oder nicht. Irgendwie ja, aber auch irgendwie nein. Das ändert sich dann je nach Tageslaune, haha! Viel Glück bei der "Jagd" :)

      Dankeschön für das tolle Lob, freut mich sehr! Und herzlich willkommen :)

    2. Danke - hatte ich! Für 1,30€ ist er heut mit mir nach Hause gegangen. :)


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