Friday, November 8, 2013

[Swatch] Catrice Limited Edition Rocking Royals - nail polishes, lipstick, eyeliner

Hey guys!

Today's post might as well be entitled "guess who went crazy on a Catrice LE". I picked lots of stuff, so let's check it out together, shall we?

Ex Pistols

Two coats, no top coat. These all dry to a matt finish! I was surprised. I had expected some sort of sand polish or something similar, but not this. Also, I love the color! I put it straight back on after I'd finished swatching. What's even funnier, I picked this up although I didn't really like it. I'm not a huge fan of gold tones, so I didn't expect much at all from this one, and it blew me away. Nice.

Royal Blue

Two coats, no top coat. My second favorite, without a doubt. Really vibrant, don't you think? It screams New Year's Eve to me.

Emerald Queen

Two coats, no top coat. Again, a really pretty one. A great shade of green, lovely finish. These all look quite nice shiny, too, but I actually prefer them matt.

Of Royal Blood

Two coats, no top coat. Now this is a not-so-favorite; it applies a little patchy because it dries pretty fast, so the surface is kind of uneven. I still think it's kind of cool to have a "naturally" matt red, though.

lipstick "Of Royal Blood"

I love the design of this LE, don't you? The crown emblem is really cool in my opinion. The lipstick applies nicely and isn't really shiny, but not truly matt either. I guess that's what people call a semi-matt. Based on the name, I had expected a deep, blood kind of red, but this is actually pretty heavy on the purple - though not as much as the other lipstick in the LE (called Pink Punk).

eyeliner "Velvet Black"

This has a felt tip, as you can see. It gives you quite nice control. Don't ask why I wrote love, because I don't know. Okay, so let me tell you something about this eyeliner: This rubs off within half a second as soon as it gets wet. That really disappointed me, because on the back of the little bottle it even says something like "long-wearing". An eyeliner that can be so easily removed with water is definitely not long-wearing... WTF, Catrice? Anyway, just keep that in mind when considering whether or not you would like to purchase this item.

I also got the liplocking base, but I haven't tried it out yet. It looks like a lip balm in a skinny tube. The only nail polish I didn't get is the plummy purple - it's just not my color (the name is the same as for the second lipstick, Pink Punk). So, any favorites?


  1. Ui, die Lacke sind wirklich hübsch. Der Blaue gefällt mir am Besten! :)

    LG Lotte

    1. Es ist ja auch eine tolle Farbe :)

  2. Mich spricht nichts an. Zum Glück :D

  3. Ich muss auch sagen, der blaue ist der hübscheste :)

    1. Er ist wunderschön, das stimmt :)

  4. Such a lovely collection! A pity it's not available in my country.

  5. Also bei den Lacken weiß ich immer noch nicht so recht - sie sind definitiv hübsch, aber irgendwie... fehlt mir da was. Das matte Rot ist so ein "love or hate"-Lack und ich weiß noch nicht, auf welcher Seite ich da stehe... Aber der goldene gefällt mir erstaunlich gut! Oo

    1. Der rote ist ein wenig komisch im Auftrag. Den goldenen kann ich aber nur empfehlen - er ist wirklich sehr hübsch.


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