Thursday, October 17, 2013

[Swatch] Catrice Limited Edition Arts Collection - eye and face palettes

Hey guys!

Today I bring you something a little out of the ordinary. I know my blog mostly consists of nail polish swatches, with the odd lip product thrown in here and there. I usually don't buy other make-up, but these palettes sucked me in and well, here I am.

First off, all of these palettes come with six eyeshadows, a blush, a highlighter, a miniature eye pencil and a double-ended brush-and-sponge-tip applicator. None of the products have individual names, which I find kind of sad. All of them contain shimmer or sparkle, so if you're looking for something matt, these are not for you. There are three nail polishes to go with them, which I will show you very soon. The colors/designs were inspired by different eras in the history of art.


First of all, the packaging is just really pretty. The design is meant to represent the baroque era, or it's at least inspired by it.

The eyeshadows, all without any base or primer underneath. I applied these with my fingers, just swiping them over the product in circular motions a few times and then rubbing them up and down a few times on my arm.

The highlighter and blush, swatched the same way as the eyeshadows.

The two lightest eyeshadows and the highlighter barely show up, unfortunately. The highlighter is quite sparkly, too. Again, I didn't use a base, so I guess they would pop more with one underneath.


This one is for the Jugendstil era.

The eyeshadows, swatched as described above.

The highlighter and blush, swatched as described above. The far right swatch is the blush with two layers, since I found it too sheer with one layer, so I wanted to see what it would look like with two.


This one is for the Art Déco era.

The eyeshadows, swatched as described above. I did a close-up of the lightest shade because it was almost invisible in the bigger picture.

The highlighter and blush, swatched as described above.

And last but not least, the eye pencil!

This is two swipes. As you can see, there is gold sparkle in it. There's actually a warning on it: "Do not use inside eye." So you can't use it on your water- or tightline. It went on creamy and with good pigmentation.

So that was a lot of shimmer and sparkle, huh? I was a little disappointed with the pigmentation of some of the shadows, but some others are really nice. The two lightest shades are very weak in pigmentation across the board, while the four other, darker ones are mostly okay. The blushes are alright, too, you can build coverage with them. The highlighters are all sparkly, and I know that puts a lot of people off; it also puts a lot of people off with blush, but more so with highlighter, I feel.
In any case, these palettes are EUR 7.95 each and for that you can't really complain. The quality isn't knock-my-socks-off awesome, but it's not bad, either - I'm sure you can make most of the products work.

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