Tuesday, October 15, 2013

product test with Pretty Nail Shop 24

Hey guys!

Quite a while ago I was asked if I wanted to do a product test with Pretty Nail Shop 24 (not an affiliate link, just for your convenience). I was wary at first - why would someone approach the owner of a fairly unknown blog like mine? - but I was also very excited, so I tentatively replied affirmatively. After a few e-mails back and forth I chose some products from the store, the total cost of which came in at just under EUR 16. I DID NOT PAY FOR THESE PRODUCTS - THEY WERE PROVIDED TO ME ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE. I am not being paid to do this review. The only "condition" this is tied to is that I write this review. If you have any questions pertaining to this post or the topic in general I would be happy to answer them. Now let's see what I picked, shall we?

The unpacking process. I was a little surprised that there was so much cushioning on the top, but none on the bottom.

The products I chose.

Jolifin fineliners/stripers. As you can see, the red one was going to need a bit of trimming at the tip.

Jolifin stamping polish.

Jolifin nailart pen. I wasn't even sure on which side to open this one at first. But the long white cap with the gold rings is just decoration, apparently?

The ingredient lists of all the products:

Other warnings:

"Only for commercial use.", "irritating"? Okay... That plus the ingredient lists scared me a little, not gonna lie. I was gonna try the stuff anyway, though, so those photos will follow now.

First up: the stamping polish. In addition to that, I used my Konad utensils and a nail tip I had painted with black polish beforehand. The result:

You have to work really fast here - the first image (bottom left) I did didn't transfer completely, so I tried a second one (top middle/right) which worked a little better. I wish I had a bit more time to do the scraping, put the stamper on the image and then position it over the nail. Other than that, it worked quite nicely. The color isn't too faint to be visible and thus the image is clearly there, although it's not complete. I'll probably get better with experience.

Now for a little freehand designing. I suck at it, but I tried anyway. I painted the tip with a white polish, just in case you can't see it in the photo.

So I swiped the fineliners a little here and there... I feel like they are a bit more stiff than my stripers by Milani or flormar. That seems to make it easier to control their path, which I really like. Unfortunately that didn't keep my design from being all over the place, lol. As for the nailart pen, I have to admit: I don't know how to use this thing properly. Look at those blobs I made, so artistic... Then I tried to make a line with a bit of pressure on the cardtridge while sweeping the metal tip over the base polish as lightly as I could - didn't really work. How do you use those pen things properly? When I read pen, I expected a more "traditional" pen, or a kind of felt tip, not a metal tip that oozes liquid. My bad, I guess. Maybe I'll learn how to use it, who knows? For now, I don't know what to do with it.

And then this happened...

Noooo! I hate when that happens to my polish brushes. It's usually just one bristle though, and I always pull those out with my tweezers, but this? This looks like a strand, not just a single bristle. I didn't jam the thing back into the bottle incorrectly either - the strand just suddenly separated from the rest of the brush. Meh. I don't want to pull out more than one or two bristles - I really don't know how that would affect the brush as a whole and I don't wanna ruin it... Also, you can see that I trimmed off the too long bristles at the end. I just snipped the bits off with scissors.

A few more notes:
Since I saw that the store sells a lot of gel and acrylic nail gear thingies I asked if the products were also usable on natural nails to which the answer was "In principle yes, but it's important to use a base coat for this polish because the effect won't be as strong on the natural nail [...]". I didn't really know what to make of that, but thought it should be okay, since I always use base coat.

I wasn't approached by the store directly, but by a marketing agency who handled the correspondence. Surprisingly, the e-mail saying they would send off my parcel that day came from a store employee. She also asked me to let her know when this post would be up, so I'm gonna e-mail her right after I've finished writing.

Unfortunately I don't know when the parcel came in since I was on holiday. Supposedly it was sent on September 20.

So that was my first ever (and probably last, let's be real) post that included products I didn't buy with my own money. Wow. It's weird to have this kind of "responsibility", I don't think I enjoyed that feeling very much (aaah, responsibility, it burrrrrrns - no, but seriously).

With things I buy myself nobody cares if I write something about them or not, or at what point in time I do it. I've been sitting on this parcel for about two weeks now and it was like a burden to me more than anything. That's just the kind of person I am, I'm afraid.

Nevertheless, I was excited to do this in the beginning and it was an interesting experience. I would probably prefer to test out nail polish, though. I would've done that if I'd known myself better. ANYWAY. If you have any questions at all let me know guys!

Die hier vorgestellten Produkte wurden mir kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt.


  1. Jetzt weiß ich wieder, warum ich bei solchen Nailartpens immer so skeptisch bin - das sieht ja nicht so wirklich fesch aus, mit den Linern sieht das viel hübscher aus! Trocknet das Teil nicht auch irgendwie zu?

    1. Ich denke, wenn man weiß, wie man damit umgehen muss sieht es wahrscheinlich besser aus - aber ich kenn mich damit nicht aus, und so kommt dann eben auch nichts gescheites dabei raus. :/ Ich glaube, dieser kleine Draht (in der Nahaufnahme von der Metallspitze rechts im Bild) verhindert das Eintrocknen, der wird nämlich direkt durch die Öffnung gesteckt und verschließt sie so. Aber vielleicht klumpt es irgendwann trotzdem, das kann ich natürlich jetzt noch nicht sagen.

    2. Also wenn solche Sachen eine besondere Gebrauchsanleitung brauchen, finde ich sie nicht toll ;) Dass man im genauen Platzieren ein bisschen üben muss, ist klar - aber wenn da beim Drücken einfach nur so ein Blob kommt... Naja :x Ich würde vermuten, dass das trotz diesem... Drahtding irgendwann antrocknet - zumindest erinnere ich mich da an Aussagen zu ähnlichen Produkten, dass die irgendwann schwergängiger werden...

      Aber ist ja auch egal - vielleicht werdet ihr euch ja noch, äh... grüner :P

    3. Ja, stimmt, das ist unvorteilhaft. Alles möglich - wie gesagt, ich hab das Ding noch nicht so lange ^^

      Haha, ja, vielleicht :)


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