Monday, September 30, 2013

[Swatch] essence nail art twins reloaded - bella and essence nail art special effect! topper - only purple matters (over essie - blanc and essie - licorice)

Hey guys!

I'm back home! We have a guest with us, but I didn't want to go another few days without posting, so I bring you these later-than-usual swatches I did a while back, I hope you enjoy!

First and second picture: bella (pointer and ring fingers) and only purple matters (middle and pinky fingers) both over white; third picture: only purple matters over black on pointer and ring fingers and again over white on middle and pinky fingers. I really liked the look of all these combinations! bella was a surprising mix of black glitter in various sizes and small holographic glitter. All photos with top coat, as usual the glitter just needs it.

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