Saturday, August 24, 2013

[Swatch] Manhattan Limited Edition Community Colours - my picks, part I of III

Hey guys!

Manhattan came out with another collection that was developed in collaboration with the beauty community and I picked up quite a few of the colors, so I decided to split this up into three posts. Here we go with the first batch!

Birdy Bordeaux

Two coats with top coat. I really like this one a lot, even when the shimmer is more subtle than what you see in the second picture, which is in sunlight. This reminds me of wine, though it is a little too much on the purple side really. I don't get the name, I have to say. It makes me frown.

Dream on

Two coats with top coat. You can see a hint of the holographic pieces that are mixed into this, along with silver glitter (the holographic particles are a little bigger than the silver ones). It looks nice.

The Ballad of Blue

Three coats with top coat. Turquoise/blue flecks in a green jelly-like base, quite nice. It was a little patchy still after the second coat, so I added a third one to even everything out. If you apply it more carefully you might get it right with just two coats.

Thoughts so far?

One's an incident...


  1. Schöne Swatches. :) Auf meinem Blog läuft zu ein paar der Lacke übrigens momentan ein Gewinnspiel...

    LG Lotte

  2. What a yummy colours! The black one is so much my type :p

    1. There are some pretty cool ones in here, yeah :D Hehe ;)


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