Sunday, August 18, 2013

essence longlasting lipstick in natural beauty

Hey guys!

So the essence products are about to transition from spring/summer to fall/winter and a new line of products are the longlasting lipsticks, one of which I'd like to show you today! I found it in a special edition sort of display with a few other select products that are about to hit the shelves.

naked lips (they're pretty dry, sorry about that...)

For me, this is a "my lips but better"-color (first picture more color-accurate than second). I know how overused that is, but it's really fitting if you ask me. As such, it's a subtle color that I might even wear out of the house for a change. I'm a shy person when it comes to make-up on my face, but I might venture out of my comfort zone with this. We'll see. I really like the more mature packaging - it's still plastic, but the matt black with the ring of color seems much less like a kid's toy than the usual packaging of essence's lipsticks. Well done, essence!


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