Sunday, July 14, 2013

[Swatch] essence Limited Edition Me & My Ice Cream - Ben & Cherries, Always In My Mint and Ice, Ice Baby nail polishes

Hey guys!

Surprise, no sand polish!

I got you good, huh? Anyway, we're looking at three of a total of four nail polishes from one of essence's current limited editions (or trend editions, as they like to call them... whatever). The design of the whole collection is very cute, by the way ^_^

from left to right: Ben & Cherries - Ice, Ice Baby - Always In My Mint

Ben & Cherries

Two to three coats with top coat. As it sometimes happens with my nails, because of their bumpy surface, I need to apply more layers to make the finish smooth. If you have smooth nails, two coats will probably suffice. This has silver shimmer which is barely visible.

Always In My Mint

Two coats with top coat, could use a third coat. Once again, barely visibly silver shimmer in there.

Ice, Ice Baby

Two coats with top coat. Also contains silver shimmer, but it's a little more obvious than in the other two, I think.

My favorite would have to be Ben & Cherries (nice pun, too). Which one's yours?


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