Friday, May 24, 2013

nail art for "Make Up Dreamz" - Sailor Saturn

Hey guys!

Remember my Sailor Mercury nail art from waaay back? That's okay, I do :) And since Sailor Saturn is my absolute favorite (and, incidentally, planet Saturn is associated with my zodiac sign) I just had to create a design for her as well. I had intended to do one for all the girls, but somewhere along the way I forgot about it every time. So, enough talk for now, let's get started!

This time, I took inspiration from her costume (colors and motifs on pointer, ring and pinky fingers), her weapon (thumb) and the astrological sign for Saturn (ring finger). Not quite as beautiful as my Mercury design, but I guess I just can't work this slightly unusual combination of colors as well as Hotaru.

I really want to do more designs, indeed for all the scouts. But I'm not sure yet if I'll manage. We'll see!


  1. Oooohh super danke schön!!! Ich finde besonders die Nägel mit dem Glitzer sind schön geworden und die Farben passen so super =) freu mich!


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