Friday, April 12, 2013

[Tag] 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Hey guys!

Something different for today - I snagged this from Marina. Hope you enjoy!

1. I am absolutely not a morning person.
2. My middle fingers bend to the side at the first knuckle.
3. I'm 5' 9'' or 178 cm tall.
4. I like both Star Trek and Star Wars. And science fiction in general.
5. I couldn't make plants stay alive if my life depended on it.
6. I have two middle names.
7. I/my eyes have central heterochromia. My eyes used to be one color only and I have no idea what happened.
8. My cheeks are almost always reddened.
9. I get too warm really easily.
10. I neither drink coffee, nor tea (sometimes I prepare myself a cup when I'm sick), nor alcohol (except on New Year's Eve and my birthday, then I'll have some sparkling wine).
11. My last name often gets misspelled while my first name often gets me mistaken for a man.
12. I love everything sugary and haven't yet come across something to eat that I would consider too sweet.
13. I love organizing things (e. g. by color, by name, etc.), it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction.
14. I'm horrible at keeping my space tidy.
15. I'm secretly the person that corrects all your grammar, spelling and pronounciation mistakes in their head. I don't want to be a jerk though, so I just keep my mouth shut/fingers still.
16. Being at the doctor's makes me nervous.
17. I usually can't eat anything before I've been up for at least about half an hour; the smell of food will only make me gag.
18. I used to love drawing and even went to art school for a very short amount of time.
19. I usually don't get nervous about things until just before they are going to happen, but then it can get so bad that I will feel nauseous.
20. If I have to sneeze but it won't come out, looking into a bright light (sun, lamp, ...) will trigger the sneeze for me.
21. I don't like the scent of lavender, but I love that of lilac.
22. The smell of penicillin makes my stomach lurch.
23. My smallest toe is extremely small compared to the other four. The three in the middle are almost the same size, but the smallest is really tiny.
24. I have a very varied taste in music.
25. I am horrible at anything related to math. My brain just doesn't work that way; I get by in day-to-day life though.

I forgot to say - if you wanna do this, too, consider yourself tagged by me! :)


  1. I totally co-sign 1,5, 9, 13-17, 19, 21, 25 - we're practically twins ;)

  2. Cool post :) I couldn't live without any kind of tea :p
    (Now I started to worry about my English skills...)

    1. Thanks! I think teas smell very good, but don't taste like much...

      (You really don't have to worry!)

  3. I agree with point 15, i do the same thing you do! :)))


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