Monday, April 1, 2013

P2 - hot berry (over Maybelline - Hot Salsa)

Hey guys!

P2 starts summer off early, releasing a summer limited edition in March already. The colors are really vibrant and cool. This one I initially didn't think I'd like, but then I saw Marina's post on all five polishes from the LE and thought "Holy frigg, I need that red one!". So I went and got it - here, bask in the beauty!

Two coats over Maybelline - Hot Salsa, with top coat. It looked pretty at one coat already, but I wanted more of the gold-red shimmer, so I applied a second coat. The reason I have it on over Hot Salsa is that I had swatched that one beforehand and then thought "Why not paint directly on top? Might be good if the P2 polish doesn't have great coverage..." so that's what I did. I have yet to try hot berry on its own.

What do you think - head over heels or meh?

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