Tuesday, March 12, 2013

P2 14H Lip Designer velvet-matte lipstick in sexy high heel

Hey guys!

Today we're breaking the polish scheme once again with a product that I just bought last week and was very impressed by. Again with the matt lip products...

This is an orange-toned red. Not so orange that it's too much, though. There are six colors in total, but most of them seemed either too nude, too orange or just too strong (especially the pink and the purple ones) to me, so I purchased the only one that wasn't either of these. By the way, that red blotch on the left side of my mouth in the photo is NOT a smudge, it's some weird camera-fail. I took that photo when it was already pretty dark outside, but I thought the application was just so perfect (for me anyway) that I HAD to take a photo. Application is really easy thanks to the peaked form, which will obviously wear down as you continue using this lipstick, unfortunately. It really gives a matt finish and it didn't feel uncomfortable or very drying on my lips. It doesn't transfer onto lips or skin - trust me, I tried! Well, maybe it will transfer if you go smooching with great intensity, but pecks will not make this budge. Another plus: This is a twist-up pencil, so no sharpening. I will go back to the store and look at the other colors again, definitely.

Any favorite matt lip products?


  1. Wow! Der macht richtig eindruck auf deinen Lippen!

    1. Oh ähm danke ^^ Bei meiner blassen Haut knallt er richtig, das stimmt wohl.


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