Thursday, March 14, 2013

My top coats, base coats and all that jazz

Hey guys!

I've had the idea to do this post for a while and well, there's not much to explain beforehand. Let's get right into it instead, shall we?

The big jumble of everything...

matt top coats
uma cosmetics matt top coat - haven't tried it out a lot yet, but it works fine so far
essence nail art special effect! topper soft touch - it used to work nicely but now it causes white streaks
P2 Matte Victim top coat - works really nicely so far
essie matte about you - just like the essence one this causes white streaks
Rival de Loop Top Coat Matt - works nicely so far

fast drying top coats (or those that claim to be fast drying)
Maybelline MNY my Top Coat Drying Effect - really liked this one, but it got discontinued and the brush doesn't reach far enough down in the bottle to use it up easily
essence studio nails ultra gloss nail shine - this is actually a mix of the one that originally was in this bottle and some of the gel look top coat (see a bit further down) just so I can use them both up; works okay but the formula got weird because of the mix so it acts a bit weird
Catrice Quick Dry High Shine - this one isn't fast drying in my opinion
essie good to go - doesn't work for me, it's not fast enough
Yves Rocher vernis gloss - works better than I'd have expected, smells unpleasant to me, kind of vinegar-y?
essence gel look top coat - doesn't live up to the claim of "gel look" and doesn't dry fast
essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer - my favorite, works best for me
essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer high gloss - this dries the topmost layer of polish fairly quickly but the other layers not so quickly, not too great
essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer fast dry - haven't tried this one yet, I'm a little confused by the extra "fast dry" that they slapped on the label
essence Fruity scented top coat - haven't tried this yet
essence Fruity sealing top coat - haven't tried it yet
essence quick dry topcoat - it's not fast drying at all in my opinion

base coats (or what I use as base coat anyway)
P2 Base + Care Coat - works well, doesn't dry very fast though
Maybelline MNY my Hardener Nail Strengthener - this smells so bad and the green color looks super nasty; I had to force myself to use this; dries quickly, also discontinued like the MNY top coat; didn't notice any hardnening of my nails
Barry M Basecoat Topcoat & Nail Hardener All In One - dries quickly, works well; wouldn't use it as a top coat, also didn't notice any hardening of my nails
essie rock solid - dries quickly, works well; again, didn't notice any nail hardening going on so far
Maybelline Salon Care Nagelhärter - dries quickly, works well; no nail hardening noticed
China Glaze First & Last - works well, dries quickly; I wouldn't use this as a top coat
OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Soft & Thin - I have used this maybe twice so far so I can't say anything about it yet
Rival de Loop Care schützender Unterlack - works okay, takes a little longer to dry than the more liquid base coats
Rival de Loop Care Nagelhärter - just decided to use this up next, can't say anything about it yet
Orly Top 2 Bottom - I've only used this maybe once or twice, so no judgement to pronounce here yet

other stuff that doesn't quite fit in the other categories
essence nail art express dry drops - tried them once or twice, always made a huge mess, didn't do anything for me
P2 oil-free primer - only used this maybe three times so far, didn't notice any difference to applying my polish without primer
essence nail art peel off base coat - really nice for glitter polishes, but you have to be careful not to pick at your nails at all and it feels weird when you apply it
Micro Cell 2000 Nail Repair - haven't used this, it's a nail hardener that you have to use in a special cycle for it to work optimally and I'm too lazy for that mostly; my mom used to use this, but I don't know if it worked for her; this contains formaldehyde and you're advised to protect your skin when you use it

What are your favorite base and top coats?


  1. Grundgütiger...und ich dachte ich hätte schon viele Top- und Basecoats.
    Dafür hab ich allerdings in ml gerechnet garantiert mehr, da in meinem Schränkchen noch ein 118ml 'Kübel' China Glaze Fast Forward lauert ;o).

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Tjaja, was sich so alles ansammelt wenn man neugierig ist :P
      Oha, das ist ein echtes Monster ;)

  2. Ui, das ist eine ordentliche Sammlung...
    Bei mir hat sich das stark beschränkt, weil ich mittlerweile den Versprechen auf der Flasche nicht traue und keine Lust zum ausprobieren habe ^_^
    Ich hab den Nourish me von Essie als Base und ein paar Schnelltrockner, die ich dann aber doch selten benutze.
    Aber ich finde den Beitrag toll, weil man dann schön die Erfahrung zu verschiedenen Produkten gesammelt sieht :-)

    1. Oh ja, ich weiß noch gar nicht, wie ich das alles aufbrauchen soll. Aber darüber sollte man glaube ich allgemein bei einer Nagellacksammlung nicht unbedingt nachdenken, sonst erleidet man womöglich noch einen Nervenzusammenbruch :P Ich hab auch nicht mehr viel Lust, auszuprobieren, aber das Zeug muss eben weg ^^
      Danke, freut mich - ich war mir nicht sicher, ob das irgendwem weiterhilft.


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