Friday, March 8, 2013

Catrice - Steel My Heart

Hey guys!

This is one of the shades that, along with its sister, Steel My Soul, recently got discontinued. It's the second one with the so-called "Brushed Metal Effect" (the third one is called "How I Matt Your Mother"). I never found it nice enough to pick it up before but my OCD-tendencies yelled at me to not have "Steel My Soul" without "Steel My Heart", so I caved and for once I'm glad I did because this, guys, is a beauty in disguise. I always found this too brown, felt like it wouldn't look good on me, etc. Turns out I love it! Let's finally have a look, shall we?

Two coats without top coat, to conserve the matt effect. I really like this matt, but it also looks nice with top coat since the shimmer will become more obvious. I actually bought a back-up! Both bottles were acquired during the sale Catrice always has going on right before they change ranges, so yeah, totally justifiable to have two bottles, right?!

Is there a polish you thought you'd hate but actually love? Or maybe the other way round?


  1. Tolle Bilder!
    Bei diesem Lack ging es mir ähnlich... ich dachte immer, nee die Farbe ist nicht so toll und matt magst du ja auch nicht soo gerne...
    Aber als er dann im Sale war, habe ich ihn mitgenommen und zu Hause dann gesehen, was für einen tollen Schimmer er hat und war so froh ^_^
    Manchmal sollte es von Nagellacken eben doch Tester geben, damit man weiß wie sie auf dem Nagel wirken.

    1. Danke!
      Stimmt, manche wirken "in echt" ganz anders, als im Fläschchen.

  2. I've got a backup for this one too, so pretty!


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