Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Swatch] various essence new standard range nail polishes

Hey guys!

Today we're checking out some of essence's new additions to their standard range - glitter toppers included! So here we go.

hello marshmallow!

Two coats with top coat. It has very well hidden blue shimmer. A nice lilac color.


One coat with top coat. I like the shimmer but probably already have at least five other polishes that look very similar.

miss universe

Two coats, I think, with top coat. I wish the duochrome effect you can see in the bottle were visible on the nails. Same old story as with many other duochromes.

that's what i mint!

Two coats with top coat. I feel this need to be compared to essie's Mint Candy Apple. I think this is lighter, though; possibly also more blue-toned. It has hardly visible silver shimmer.

cool breeze

over (top to bottom/left to right) Sally Hansen - Tickle Me Pink, Manhattan - 1010N (black creme),
essence - miss universe and essence - prom-berry

Doesn't this look so awesome over miss universe? Definitely my favorite of the four combinations I tried. I feel like there's not enough glitter pieces in this polish, though. You get a whole lot of base, but not many glitter pieces, which I really do not like. It would take ages to dry. Too bad, really. I heard this was supposed to be the replacement for night in vegas, for which essence no longer had a supplier of glitter flakes. This could never ever replace night in vegas. Seriously. Just... no.
glitter on me

One coat over that's what i mint!. I was incredibly surprised by how much I like this combination. I'm completely in love, guys.

What do you think about these?


  1. I think Thats what I mint and Mint Candy Apple are almost exact dupes!
    Have a look here..

    1. Oh, somebody was quicker than me with posting about it :) I've tried them side by side and they really look so so similar...

  2. Toll, dass du die geswatched hast!
    Miss universe gefällt mir richtig gut, auch wenn er nicht duochrome ist :-)

    1. Ich muss doch meine gewonnene "Weisheit" mit der Welt teilen ;)

      Ja, er ist auf jeden Fall auch ohne Duochrom schön :)

  3. You can't replace a flakie polish with hex glitters xD Nonetheless, I kinda like cool breeze!

    1. That's right! And the colors are so different, too. I was really taken aback when I read that cool breeze was supposed to be a "replacement" for night in vegas. I kinda like it, too, but I'd like it more if there were more glitter pieces :/


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