Saturday, February 2, 2013

[Swatch] L'Oréal - Luxembourggarden

Hey guys!

First off, don't forget to check out my bloggiversary giveaway! And now on to the polish goodness :)

Today we have another green-ish polish that found its way into my collection; the name irks me a little because of the double "g", but well. Thankfully, I don't have to look at the label all the time!

I don't remember the number of coats, unfortunately. I'm thinking it was two or three, plus top coat. I'm not sure how I feel about the color. It's a green-ish grey with beautiful shimmer. It looks a little dirty due to the grey tones. The first time I wanted to swatch this it was a disaster to put on, but I have no idea why I struggled so much with it. I already used up quite a bit of the polish just trying to get it on okay. It's not hard to apply per se, but sometimes I struggle a bit with broad brushes. Too small or too big can be difficult to handle. Anyway.

What do you think about this polish? Do you like the dirty grey-ish green color?


  1. The colour looks nice (I like green polishes).
    But i don't like the finish. Looks like pearly, or frosty and those are not for me. And if You say it is hard to work with, it is a definite NO.

    1. Yes, it does have a sort of pearly or frosty finish. I don't mind that but I know a lot of people aren't into it.


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