Sunday, February 24, 2013

[Swatch] essence and Manhattan matt lip creams

Hey guys!

I'm in love with Matt! It's true, we're thinking about tying the knot soon.

Naw, I'm just messin' with ya ;) Matt lip products seem to be quite the rage these days - essence just introduced four shades in cream form. Manhattan, in turn, is kicking their soft mat (this is not a typo) lip creams out of the standard range. Time for a little comparison, right?

left to right: essence Smooth Berry, essence Silky Red, Manhattan 54L, Manhattan 56K

freshly applied


I left all of these on my hand for about an hour I'd say. The essence ones never really turned matt, and I have no explanation for that. They are all nicely pigmented, above you can see one application, meaning I did not go back into the tube to get more product.
Unfortunately I cannot test them on the lips at the moment because I have some kind of infection and I doubt slapping lipgloss on it will do it any good. Plus, possibly, bacteria - no thanks. If you'd like to see lip swatches let me know and I will do them at a later time when my lip is healed.
Another thing worth noting is that, when I tried to wash these off, the essence ones smeared all over the place when I rubbed at them with my hand. I had to use soap and scrub to get them off completely. I hope I won't have to do that on the lips...
I have tried the Manhattan ones on the lips before and be warned that they are quite drying. As they dry and turn matt they might crack a little where you have lines in your lips, but it's not too bad.
All of these have a doe foot applicator. The Manhattan ones are just under four bucks with 6.5 ml/~ 0.20 fl. oz (it doesn't give a number for fl. oz on the packaging, so I sort of guess-timated here), the essence ones just under two with 4 ml/0.13 fl. oz of product. While you can keep the Manhattan lip creams for 24 months, the essence ones are only good for six. Both companies have scented their lip creams - Manhattan's smell like vanilla- or caramel-flavored coffee, while essence's just smell of caramel to me, with a note of something else I can't quite identify and probably am not meant to.

I'll definitely get some more of the Manhattan soft mat lip creams before they leave the range, I really like them. Why you kick them out, Manhattan?!

What are your thoughts on matt lip products?


  1. Die Stay Matt gefallen mir sehr :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Bei dem Preis kann man auch wirklich nichts falsch machen :)


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