Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Swatch] Catrice Neo Geisha Limited Edition nail polishes and lip and cheek colours Madam Butterfly and Picked Cherry Blossoms

Hey guys!

Today I have a sort of double feature for you - nail polishes and blush/lip colors! They are from one of Catrice's current LEs entitled "Neo Geisha". Of course I couldn't resist with a name like that...

nail polishes

from left to right: Discreet Artist, Picked Cherry Blossoms, Madam Butterfly, Dance In Gion, Planet Tokyo

Discreet Artist

Three coats with top coat. Because of the nature of the surface of my nails, it's always a little hard for me to get slightly translucent polishes like this one to even out. I think this is very similar to "Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower" from the Ultimate Nudes line; I haven't compared them yet, though.

Picked Cherry Blossoms

Two coats with top coat. This has pinkish-orangey shimmer but it's hardly visible at all. Even in the bottle you have to look pretty closely or hold it near a light source to be able to detect it. Shame.

Madam Butterfly

Two coats with top coat. This is an amazingly beautiful red. I'm head over heels for it. It's so deep and rich!

Dance In Gion

Two coats with top coat. I usually go nuts for purples, but this one was kind of boring - or just paled a little in comparison to how blown away I was by Madam Butterfly. It's still a pretty shade, though.

Planet Tokyo

Two coats with top coat. Now I have no idea what a bright grass green has to do with Geisha - that's why I'd rather think the shade was chosen with the name in mind. I do find the in-your-face-green quite befitting for Tokyo. Especially when I think of Shibuya, this color seems appropriately named.

Check out the lip and cheek colours after the jump!
lip and cheek colours

There is a total of three colors, but I only picked up two. The third one is "Discreet Artist", which is a very pale peachy-nude shade.

top: Madam Buttefly; bottom: Picked Cherry Blossoms

These are well pigmented and apply easily. I have only tried applying them to the cheeks once but I really don't need blush so I took it off again immediately. Be careful if you apply these to your skin and blend out well to avoid overblushing. If you apply them to the lips, they will stain lightly. They feel a little drying but not overly so. I have really dry lips as it is and I didn't feel uncomfortable with these colors on.

What do you think of two-in-one products?


  1. The polishes are great :)
    I am not a fan of 2in1 product if they are supposed to be for lips and cheeks. My lips need lots of moisturizing, and my cheeks don't :p so one product just cannot be both of them.

    1. That's true, one product can't necessarily cater to the needs of two different types of skin. My lips easily get dry, too, so I know what you mean!


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