Monday, January 28, 2013

[CLOSED] The Super Amazing Insanely Awesome Bloggiversary Giveaway Post [CLOSED]

Hey guys!

Today is The Day My Blog Is One Year Old. Today, one year ago, I published my very first post.
Since then, my skills in both polishing my nails and taking photos have improved greatly and I am amazed by how quickly things have changed. Looking back, it was a crazy journey so far; time passed so quickly. I hope to improve more in the future to make it more worthwhile for you guys.
I know I'm not the most interesting blogger out there and I get all excited - I'm serious, I jump in my seat, clap and squeal - whenever I gain a new follower. It's amazing to me that anyone would want to read what I have to say.
People from Germany, the United States, Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Japan, South Korea, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Greece and many more countries visited. It's unbelievable! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

And of course the celebration wouldn't be complete without a giveaway! After the jump today because this post is very long...

The International Set
giveaway prize international non-polish giveaway prize international eyeshadow palette inside view
giveaway prize international polish 1 giveaway prize international polish 2 giveaway prize international polish 3

Designed mainly for people outside of Europe, this set includes:
non-polish items
Orly make-up bag in purple with feather decoration
Balea lip balm in "Juicy Orange"
Catrice lipstick "Frozen Rose"
essence lipstick "Almost Famous"
Catrice lipstick "Pink Me Up!"
P2 eyedream eyeshadow "everyday rose"
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadow "Blackwood Forest"
essence Legends Of The Sky eyeshadow palette "From Zero To Hero"
essence Crazy Good Times false lashes "Colourbration"
essence Miami Roller Girl multi colour blush "Dates On Skates"
The Body Shop body butter "Chocomania"

Catrice "Steel My Soul"
Catrice "After Eight"
essence "copper'ize me!"
essence "glorious aquarius"
essence "peel off base coat"
P2 "fancy fairytale"
P2 "french kiss"
P2 "poetic"
misslyn "kiwi"
essence "irreplaceable"
essence "in style"
essence "iced latte"
flormar "431"
Rival de Loop Young "night glam"
essence "midnight date"

The National Set
giveaway prize national non-polish
giveaway prize national polish 1 giveaway prize national polish 2 giveaway prize national polish 3

Designed mainly for people in Europe/Germany/Austria/Switzerland, this set includes:
non-polish items
Orly make-up bag in purple with feather decoration
Balea lip balm in "Lovely Raspberry"
Yves Rocher gold glitter mascara
essence lipstick "All About Cupcake"
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Candy Gloss Lip Plumper (sample size)
The Body Shop body butter "Strawberry"
Yves Rocher mini lipsticks "Rose miel", "Framboise sorbet", "Noisette craquante", "Rouge étincelles", "Parme scintillant" (sample sizes)
essence Class Of 2013 blush "Alpha Better Gamma"
Catrice Gel Eyeliner "Sherlock & Khaki Holmes"
wet n wild Color Icon eyeshadow palette "Pride" (not pictured)

wet n wild "Blue Moon"
wet n wild "Jezebel"
wet n wild "Night Prowl"
Spoiled by wet n wild "ES054" (seems to be called "Trust Fund Baby")
Spoiled by wet n wild "ES024" (seems to be called "Shuffle The Deck")
Sally Hansen HD "Laser"
Sally Hansen HD "Blu"
OPI "Yodel Me On My Cell"
Catrice "San Francisco"
P2 holo top coat "just fantastic!"
essence "chic reloaded"
essence "mellow yellow" (old version)
essence "date with the night"
misslyn "blue planet"

Please click the thumbnails to see the photos in original size - they are too big for the blog layout.

None of the items are sponsored.

The Almighty Rules

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere. I will try to ship the prize to you two times, after that I will unfortunately have to draw a new winner.

This giveaway runs from Monday, January 28, 2013, 9 a. m. until Monday, February 4, 2013, 12 a. m. (noon) - eight days in total. I will draw the winners randomly and announce them in a separate post either the same day or on Tuesday, February 5, 2013. I will also contact the winners via e-mail.

This giveaway is my way of showing appreciation for my followers, so please be or become a follower/reader of this blog via either Google Friend Connect or Hellocotton. Of course it would be wonderful if you didn't only do it to be able to participate...

I will need your address to ship the prize to you, therefore you must be of legal age. I will not use your data for anything else than the giveaway and delete it after the giveaway is over.

If one or both of the winners hasn't/haven't contacted me three days (72 hours) after they have been announced on the blog, I will draw anew.

How to participate
If you have a blog
Please write a short post about the giveaway (using the above photos). Come back here and write a comment including the following information:
- link to your post
- which set you would like to win
- your e-mail address
- the name you follow me under
- how you follow me

If you don't have a blog
Comment below telling me one thing you like about my blog as well as one thing you think could be improved/you would like to see. Please also include the following information:
- which set you would like to win
- your e-mail address
- the name you follow me under
- how you follow me

Please do not comment more than once.
There are no extra entries for following me or posting about the giveaway on other sites (Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).

If you have any questions please shoot me an e-mail via - please do not use the comments for questions since that will make it harder for me to organize the entries.

I hope you like the prizes I picked and I look forward to reading your comments and/or posts - good luck to everyone!


  1. Hallo liebe Andrea,

    herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Einjährigen!

    Ich freue mich schon auf viele weitere Posts von Dir. Mach weiter so.

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Liebe Elena,

      vielen Dank für die Glückwünsche und deine netten Worte!

  2. Hey,
    what I really like about your blog are your beautiful nail polish swatches, plus the fact that you're as crazy about Essie as I am ;-) Improvement.. well maybe a little more colourful blog design.. but I don't really care about things like that as long as the content convinces me.
    I follow you via GFC, my Nickname is Carmen.
    My email address: carmen.huck[at]
    I'd love to win the national set.
    Carmen :-)

    1. Hi Carmen!

      Thanks for the compliment and your suggestion - good luck!

  3. - link to your post:
    - which set you would like to win: set 1
    - your e-mail address:
    - the name you follow me under: ewlyn
    - how you follow me: via GFC

    1. Hi ewlyn!

      Thanks for your entry and good luck!

  4. Hi!
    I would like the International Set :)
    Email address:
    GFC Follower: Jo Tee


    1. Hi Jo!

      Do you have any comments on the blog?

      Good luck!

  5. Hi! I love you sense of humor and your choice in polish color; we seem pretty similar in both ways! One think you could maybe work on is the theme. If may just be me but sometimes I find at a little plain and even a bit hard to follow. But that's probably just me. I'd love to win the international set... I follow you on tumblr ( is my url). Thanks for doing this! <3

    1. Hi Anne!

      Thanks for your nice words and your suggestion. Also thanks for following me on Tumblr. However, to participate please follow me via Google Friend Connect or Hellocotton. Also, I will need your e-mail address to notify you in case you should win. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear from the rules above!

      You're welcome and good luck!

    the national set
    Katie Jewel

    1. Hi Katie!

      Thanks for your entry and good luck.


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