Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Swatch & Review] essie new standard range polishes all tied up, bobbing for baubles and cocktail bling

Hey guys!

A little while back, essie announced that five shades (damsel in a dress, capri, jag u are, midnight cami, over the edge) would leave the standard range and be replaced by five new colors (carry on, all tied up, play date, bobbing for baubles, cocktail bling). I was really excited about the news since I'd been eyeing bobbing for baubles and cocktail bling for a while already. Now let's look at some swatches, shall we?

all tied up

Two coats with top coat. I'm really really disappointed that the beautiful golden shimmer is not visible on the nails! It disappears into the base never to be seen again. You can make a bit of if out if you squint, but that's not enough for me - I want it to be as obvious as it is in the bottle in the second picture!

bobbing for baubles

Two coats with top coat. If you use a thick first coat, that should be enough. This is so dark that it can look almost black, but not quite. I feel like it has strong dark grey tones in it, which I guess make it that almost-but-not-quite-black.

cocktail bling

Two coats with top coat. Another quite special blend of blue and grey, this time in a very light version. Definitely my favorite.

Do you own any of these? Will you miss the shades that leave or are you happy they're gone?


  1. I like the first one, pity the shimmer doesn't show on the nails as much as it does in the bottle.


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