Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Swatch & Review] essence trend edition Vintage District nail polishes Shopping @ Portobello Road, Antique Pink and Get Arty

Hey guys!

Today we're checking out another one of essence's trend editions, Vintage District. Once again, I got three of four polishes. Lately, there seems to be a a recurring pattern of me liking 3/4 of a collection. Anyway, let's see those colors!

Shopping @ Portobello Road

Two coats with top coat. I can't quite decide on what I should call this hue. Would it be weird if I said this is a blue-toned petrol color?

Antique Pink

Two coats with top coat. I wouldn't necessarily call this pink; to me, it's more like a muted, grey-ish red. It looks a bit too brown in the photo, it's definitely more rose-colored, more on the red side.

Get Arty

Two coats with top coat. I wish the pink and golden-orange-y shimmer was more prominent. See that close-up shot? That's what I wanna see when I look at my nails! I have enough plain grey cremes already, gimme that shimmer!

Would you say these colors fit the vintage theme?


  1. Nice pictures... I love the petrol blue but I have a doubt. In the Essence website the Antique Pink looks like coral red, I mean, red with a bit of pink but in your picture it's a reddish brown. Could you tell me what is the real tone?. Thanks

    1. I'm sorry my photo confuses you. The real color is definitely more red with a pink tone to it. It's not as brown-toned as it looks in my photo! I hope that helped.

    2. How does the Antique Pink compare to Essence's English Rose in the permanent collection? I have (and love!) English Rose and I wonder if it's worth trying to get the Vintage District Antique Pink or is it very similar?

    3. Oh, I never thought about comparing these! Antique Pink is lighter than English Rose and has more red tones whereas English Rose has more brown in it. The difference isn't huge but it's visibly there. Hope that helped - let me know if you would like to see swatches of both side by side to compare!


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