Sunday, January 6, 2013

[Swatch & Review] Catrice Cosmetics - Rest In The Forest (Siberian Call Limited Edition)

Hey guys!

Here's another shimmery polish from Catrice's Siberian Call LE. This one is definitely a complete miss for me, I have to tell you...

One coat by itself on pointer and ring finger, one coat over essence - Hazelnut Cream Pie on middle and pinky finger; no top coat. In the bottle this looked like a shimmery polish that was intended to be used by itself, but boy was I ever wrong to assume that. Its base is slightly brown-tinted, but not opaque at all. It seems very strange to me in general. Absolutely not a fan of this, but well. It might look better over a dark brown, but I don't think I own any...

What do you think of Rest In The Forest? Yay or nay?

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