Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Swatch] Catrice - Makes Me Smile (NeoNaturals Limited Edition)

Hey guys!

First off, don't forget to check out my bloggiversary giveaway! And now on to the polish goodness :)

Today we have another polish that I wouldn't necessarily describe as typical for me. It's somewhere between brown-ish and golden; the color seems really hard to describe, so let's rather have a look at it!

Yet again I'm not sure how many coats I applied, but I believe it was only one, plus top coat. I remember that it covered very well. Again, this isn't really totally my type of color, but it's nicer than I thought.

How would you describe this color? Brown? Gold? Silver?


  1. I would call it champagne gold.... or beige gold..
    Lovely colour!

    1. That's actually a great suggestion, thanks!


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