Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[Clash of the Polishes] Same Brand Showdown: essie - Mint Candy Apple vs where's my chauffeur? vs Turquoise & Caicos

Hey guys!

When I first saw the Leading Lady Collection display I wasn't exactly blown away, quite the opposite. I got "she's pampered" because it is a really nice red, then I got the mini set because I wanted "beyond cozy" and it was sold out everywhere, and yesterday I got "where's my chauffeur?" and "butler please". Talk about being consistent... Anyway, I always thought "where's my chauffeur?" was way too similar to Mint Candy Apple and Turquoise & Caicos, both of which I already owned. So let's see if there is anything to that assumption.

Three coats with top coat on all three. Mint Candy Apple is the lightest of them, and the one I would say is the truest mint color; Turquoise & Caicos is a little darker and greener; where's my chauffeur? is in the middle as far as darkness is concerned, and has more blue tones than the other two.

I was surprised to find that Turquoise & Caicos has somewhat of a jelly-like texture (I believe that's generally called a "crelly"). The other two are "plain" cremes. I needed three coats for a smooth surface because my nails are ridden with ridges; if your nails are smooth, two coats will probably suffice.

I guess I can say that "where's my chauffeur?" is my favorite of the three, though I really like all of them. What's your favorite mint polish?

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