Friday, December 14, 2012

[Swatch & Review] essence trend edition Fantasia nail polishes

Hey guys!

For a while now this trend edition has been out... I feel it's a little "off-topic" for this season, but then again, why not. Let's have a look at these colors!

Elves Like Lilac

Two coats with top coat. Can you see the blue shimmer? I really like this, but I might have liked it even better if the purple base were a little darker.

Queen Of My Cloud Castle

Two coats with top coat. I couldn't get this on very evenly. Top coat smoothed it out a bit better. Absolutely not my color in my opinion. It has silvery-pink shimmer.

Take A Ride On Pegasus

Two coats on its own on middle and pinky finger, one coat over black on pointer and ring finger, all with top coat. The second picture is with flash to show the shimmer better. This seems like a very unusual color to me. I prefer it over black. I might try to layer it over a dark red at some point to see how that comes out.

Have You Seen My Unicorn?

Two coats with top coat. I really like the name on this one, as opposed to the other three that just don't quite appeal to me. This is a very nice champagne shade with a hint of rose. I really like this, it seems classy. Easily my favorite in the bunch, though probably the most unoriginal. This is taken under direct lamplight because it was already too dark for natural light pictures. But the color isn't far off at all. Imagine it a bit more rosy.

I feel like the colors in this trend edition - apart from Have You Seen My Unicorn?, but that one got the best name - are quite unusual. What do you think?

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