Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve manicure: OPI - The Spy Who Loved Me with essence - make it golden

Hey guys!

Without much talk about the old and new year I'm just gonna show you what I'll be wearing tonight. I had intended to put on China Glaze's Liquid Crystal, but boy did that plan ever get detoured. I wanted to swatch The Spy Who Loved Me and of course the sun disappeared on my slow ass. So I just decided to keep it on for the next day and got increasingly mesmerized by it; long story short, I love it and didn't wanna take it off, so I simply didn't. Of course I had to add a little something to make it more festive. I realized this is more appropriate for Christmas than New Year's, but whatever. I didn't think of this for Christmas ("Damn you, hindsight!") so I'm wearing it now.

Two coats of The Spy Who Loved Me, a gorgeous red that loses all the gold shimmer on the nail, which is a pity. I dabbed make it golden on with pieces of a paper towel - the sponging never worked for me, all the sponges I tried took off more than they put on. I think they might have been too dense, but I tried quite a few and after a while I didn't know where to look for less dense sponges anymore. ANYWAY. Finished everything off with a matt top coat. I love mattefied glitters, it just gives them a very special look I feel.

Elena (great blog, check it out) gave me the idea for both using Liquid Crystal for New Year's (sorry that didn't get put into action) and working with paper towel pieces to make gradients. The latter technique worked perfectly for me, which I'm really happy about.

Let me know what you're wearing tonight :)

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