Friday, December 28, 2012

Kiko - Steel Grey (Lavish Oriental Limited Edition Holographic Nail Lacquer)

Hey guys!
Last week I got the chance to visit the Kiko store "near" here and snatched three of the Lavish Oriental holos - unfortunately, they didn't have the turquoise one anymore, but that's okay. Everything in store was 30% off, so that was awesome. Everyone has already blogged the living daylights out of these polishes, but I just had to!

It's opaque in two coats and didn't give me a very hard time during application. Just be careful not to push it around too much. Unfortunately, it chipped the next day already. But most polishes do on my nails, so that's no surprise really. Definitely needs top coat to bring out the full sparkle goodness.

What's you favorite holo?

song accompanying the writing of this post: Blink 182 - All the small Things

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