Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jelly sandwich with Zoya - Frida, NYX - Under The Moon and NYX - Enchanted Forest

Hey guys!

I was playing with jellies again, as you can see. I really like experimenting with them, it gives interesting effects. Not everything works, but I quite like what I came up with here, so let's see those trapped glitters!

with Under The Moon

with Enchanted Forest

I really like how the blue-tinted glitter gives the green base a more teal look. If you ask me, that's pretty awesome. As usual, build up the base with as many coats as you see fit, then apply glitter until you're satisfied with how much is on the nail and finish off with one last layer of the jelly. I had to dab a bit with both glitters, but it was fairly easy to get to the amount of glitter I wanted.

And now I'm gonna go out with only four painted nails because I neither have time to remove what I have on nor to paint the rest of my nails. Ahem, see you guys!

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