Sunday, December 23, 2012

Clinique "whole lotta colour" set

Hey guys!

Almost immediately after being disappointed by Nordstrom, I saw someone post about the set being available from Douglas (pronounced approximately like this, by the way: dew-glass). OF COURSE I had to get it to add to my little collection!

The set contains 5 mini-size Chubby Stick lip balms and cost me EUR 29.95 (~ USD 39.65). That's approximately EUR 6 per 1.2 g/0.04 oz of product. The full size Chubby Sticks contain 3 g and cost around EUR 19.90 (sometimes a little less, depending on where you shop).

As for the colors: super strawberry and oversized orange contain sparkle, the others don't. I'm not sure how oversized orange and richer raisin will look on me, but since the color payoff from these isn't huge, it might work. Tell me if you want to see swatches of any of these - or all of them.

So far I have only seen one of the colors available as mini size outside of special deals or sets, and it also cost EUR 6, so yeah. Not exactly a special value you're getting here, but that's fine by me - it's more than 1/3 of the original product quantity for less than 1/3 of the full-size prize. Not too bad.


  1. a great set... i have "richer raisin" and for me it's the perfect colour...

    1. I have yet to try it but since the color is quite sheer it might be okay for me as well :)


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