Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Swatch & Review] Catrice Limited Edition Big City Life - Reloaded nail polishes

Hey guys!

Catrice just came out with their second Big City Life Limited Edition. They already had an LE with that name around the same time last year, so I'm calling this year's "Big City Life Reloaded". That's not the official name though! I just find it confusing to have two LEs with the same name. But Catrice is an expert in giving two completely different things the same name... *cough*Sold Out Forever*cough* ANYWAY! Let's get into this collection!


Four coats, no top coat. This is quite sheer. You don't really need four coats, but I wanted to test this color out a bit. I have to admit to you guys... I don't really like this one. I liked it in the bottle, but applied it looks so brown somehow... A real pity is that the shimmer is barely, if at all, visible. It looks like a plain creme. Too bad, because the fuchsia shimmer would look really awesome if only it were prominent. Or should I say discernible?

San Francisco

Two coats, no top coat. If you apply this in a thick coat, I think one would suffice. In the bottle it looks like a plain creme at first, but it has gorgeous shimmer. Easily my favorite in this LE.


Two coats, no top coat. Again, a second coat is hardly needed. I'm really sighing right now, guys. Another gold. I'm so bored with that. All people seem to think about color-wise when it comes to China is gold and red. Not that those colors aren't meaningful and much used in Chinese history and all, but COME ON. Do something different for once. I only bought this for two reasons: 1. I wanted to review it, 2. I love Asia and am so obsessive that I'll even buy a nail polish in a color I would never wear just because it's called "Shanghai". Yep, that's me!

Overall, I have to say I'm disappointed with this LE. The only positive points for me are that San Francisco is a seriously pretty polish and that the bottle design is absolutely awesome (though I'm not sure if there really is a traditional-style Chinese tower in Shanghai, but there just might be, I don't know).


  1. I really like Paris & San Francisco; gorgeous shades!

    1. I would like Paris more if it were more true to the color I see in the bottle, but well.


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