Friday, November 23, 2012

[Swatch & Review] P2 Limited Edition fly me to the moon - blue galaxy

Hey guys!

P2's latest Limited Edition "fly me to the moon" just came out and seems to be really popular. I went to the drugstore last Friday and the display was already pretty empty. Only two polish colors were left, so I grabbed what I naturally gravitate towards - blue! I'm really sad that the turquoise one was already gone...

Two coats with top coat. The top coat really brings the shimmer to life. I think this is gorgeous. I didn't feel that it was special at first but as I applied it, it became obvious that this one looks a lot more interesting and pretty on the nail than in the bottle; it reveals slight purple tones and the wonderful shimmer!

What colors do you tend to gravitate towards when shopping?


  1. Which top coat brand do u use? All your nail polishes look so shiny - even the cheaper ones! I would really appreciate it, in the market for a new one! This colour is stunning btw, I'd never heard of this brand!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Most of the time I use essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer, but it varies for my swatches... The essence one is very good though, it dries quickly and with a nice shine!
      P2 is only available in dm, which is a German drugstore chain.


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