Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NYX - Dorothy

Hey guys!

Sorry for my absence. Here is a combo I wore last Friday for a dinner with my colleagues. They organize this every year and it's not formal at all, not like a "real" company dinner. It's basically for all of us to connect and interact on a more personal level. Lots of ex-employees come to these dinners as well. It's nice. Since it wasn't a formal event I decided to be a bit more daring (although it turned out to not look very daring at all) with my nail polish, plus I'd been wanting to try this particular combo for a while. So here it finally is!

Two coats of essence - black is back and one coat of NYX - Dorothy, plus top coat. I had to do two coats of top coat - not because the glitter really needs it, but because the first one I'd put on dried agonizingly slowly and I was in a bit of a rush. I really like the look of this but I wish the glitter would pop more. I had thought it would stand out more but I suppose the background is too dark.

Do you like black and red together?

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