Friday, November 2, 2012

China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint with P2 - mint pleasure

Hey guys!

Quite some time no see, huh? Here's a minty combo with subtle shimmer that I've been wearing today. Depending on the weather, I will still be wearing it tomorrow; if the sun is coming out again I might take it off and swatch some stuff :)

Two coats of Re-Fresh Mint plus one coat of mint pleasure, then top coat. I'm a bit sad that the shimmer isn't really visible; you will need the light to shine on it to be able to discern it. It mostly looks like a plain creme. Oh well.
The funny thing about this combo is that it literally came to me in a dream. Maybe two nights ago I was thinking in my sleep "I should try China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint with that green, shimmery, super sheer P2 polish". And so today I did. Is that weird?
Anyway, I also added an essence nail sticker on each of my ring finger nails later. I picked white because I thought it would look better with the light green, but it kind of disappears against the background. So yeah, all ideas for this mani kind of failed, but I still like it ^_^


  1. That China Glaze polish is simply gorgeous! I really would love to add it to my collection :)

    1. It's indeed a very nice minty color :)


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