Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yves Rocher Christmas 2012 items - my picks

Hey guys!

I recently ordered some items from Yves Rocher that are clearly Christmas-themed - above all, the packaging gives it away ;) So here they are...

"Pomme Délice/Apple Delight" shower gel

I think this smells slightly of apple, but not like a real apple; it's not overly artificial either, though. I really like it. There is also an eau de toilette and a few other items with the same scent.

"Or scintillant" nail polish

You wouldn't necessarily think so, but this is a flakie polish! The name "Or scintillant" is quite befitting, as it is a sparkly gold. It looks really nice in my opinion. My only complaint is that this bottle is oh-so tiny - 3 ml/0.1 fl oz!

Perles de teint/Illuminating pearls highlighter

This is quite pretty, though the plastic packaging does make it a little cheap-looking. It reminds me a little bit of the Guerlain Météorites Perles. Those 1. are far more expensive, 2. are much more nicely packaged, 3. are not as heavy on the yellow and 4. come in a wider selection of colors. Anyway, another thing worth noting is that this is scented. I think it might be a floral type of scent. It's not very strong unless you sniff the pearls directly - I just noticed it when I opened the packaging.

Will you be trying any of these items or something else from the Christmas range?

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