Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3rd - German Unification Day mani

Hey guys!

Long time no see! Sorry I've been away for over a week. We just started renovating our bedroom and the weather was quite bad, so no sun or much light at all to photograph anything. Anyway, today is October 3rd, which means it's German Unification Day!
Today, 22 years ago, the final documents sealing the reunification of the two German states were signed, so October 3rd became our national holiday. The Berlin Wall actually came down in 1989 already, on November 9th. However, since there are some historical events associated with November 9th (and one especially that nobody would ever wanna celebrate), it was decided not to make that day the national holiday.
To date, there are many mixed feelings about the reunification; I personally think it's amazing. The whole process of how the people in East Germany overcame the regime and could finally reunite with friends and family in the west is just... it actually makes me cry, especially the footage of people climbing over the wall, destroying it with whatever they had at hand, hugging their relatives and friends and - it's just a really historical moment. Enough about that now, on to the mani ^_^

black: essence - black is back (1 - 2 coats); red: essie - head mistress (2 coats); gold: Catrice - Oh My Goldness! (2 coats); glitter: China Glaze - Electrify (1 - 2 coats); all with top coat

I thought taking the colors of the German flag was simple enough but still nice ^_^ I would have used black plus Electrify on all fingers, but Electrify is a bit too opaque a glitter for the black to really show through well enough, so I discarded the idea. I would recommend two coats of top coat for Electrify as it's still a bit gritty with only one.

I'm now gonna take this off and come back later with some pinks! ^_^

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