Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[Swatch & Review] essence cherry blossom girl nail polishes

Hey guys!

Today I'm showing you the nail polishes from the cherry blossom girl LE. I did go back to pick up "Cherry Cherry Girl" after all, and then I thought "Oh well, whatever, I'll buy the other remaining one, too!", so here we go with all four!

Fortune Cookie

Yellow with silver shimmer. This is three coats with top coat.

My Little Kimono

Taupe with shimmer - I can't decide whether I think it's blue or silver. This is two coats with top coat.

Cherry Cherry Girl

Red with a lot of orange to it, no shimmer. I'm not quite sure anymore if that was two or three coats, but I'm thinking three. Also with top coat.

It's Peach Not Cherry

Peach tone, no shimmer. Here I'm also unsure if I did two or three coats but I'm once again thinking it's rather three than two. With top coat.

I'm not totally into any of these, but my favorite is probably "Cherry Cherry Girl", although colors with that strong of an orange tint usually don't make my skin look too great. Anyway, the formula seemed a little runny but not too bad - just had to do more clean-up than usual. Which is your favorite?

On another note, I decided to give the eyeshadow quad another try, so I used an eyeshadow base and applied the product with a brush; and I think that vastly improved the color payoff. See for yourself:

I noticed that a lot of people came in from a Polish forum to see my post on my picks from the cherry blossom girl LE - guys, don't give up on the quad just yet! It can work with a base underneath. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about the qualities of the quad other than color payoff since I haven't tried to blend the colors or anything like that.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon ^_^/

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