Sunday, September 9, 2012

[Recipe] Pasta with dried-tomatoes-pesto-and-ham sauce

Hey guys!

Here's the recipe I've been talking about in my last post. No comments on my question so I'm just deciding on my own, bwahaha! I'm so evil...

What you'll need

pasta - any kind you like; I used the whole packet = 500 gr
milk (again, any kind) or cream - quantity depends on how much sauce you want
cooked ham - 150 gr (mine was in slices but it doesn't have to be)
dried tomatoes pesto - 200 ml/190 gr

First get out a pot, fill it with water and set it on the stove to cook for the pasta.

Next get out a deep pan and put some oil in it.

Now cut your ham into any shape or size you like.

Once your pan has heated up, put in the ham.

Let the ham get a bit brown (or very brown if you prefer that). Turn the heat down a bit.

When your pasta water is cooking, throw in a generous amount of salt and pour in your pasta.

Add the pesto to the ham.

Pour the milk/cream on top of the ham and pesto. Mix.

It'll look something like this. Go by eye here - if it's too thick add some more milk or cream. If it's too liquid let it reduce down. It all depends on how thick or liquid you want it!

About a minute before the designated time, check if your pasta is done. Once it's cooked, drain it.

Put as much pasta as you want in a deep plate (no need to wait for it to get dry) and put the sauce on top - tadah!

I imagine this would taste great with bacon instead of ham, too. Of course you can add anything you like to this, e. g. veggies.
I'm sorry I didn't convert the measurements; it's just because I quite honestly have no idea what you US guys use as measurements for all these things. You have cups and ounces and all that stuff and I'm honestly confused. Sorry!
If you try this, definitely let me know what you thought of it!

See you soon!


  1. Der von Maybelline entwickelt sich ganz stark erst auf den Lippen. Hätte ich nach dem swatchen auch nicht so erwartet :)
    Liebste Grüße

    1. Ah, verstehe. Na ja, macht auch nichts, ich bin ja zufrieden :)


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