Thursday, September 13, 2012

[Giveaway Entry Post] PicturedTinsel is turning 1...

...and to celebrate the blogiversary, Elena - the wonderful lady who runs the blog - is giving away three sets of various polishes that she has swatched before, but doesn't intend to keep in her collection - check it out:

Set 1

PicturedTinsel giveaway Set 1 - not my photo

OPI - Uh...Oh..Roll Down the Window and Your Royal Shine-Ness, Priti NYC - Times Rose, Chelsea Star, Lampshade Poppy, Cornflower and Bovey Belle Carnation
Set 2

PicturedTinsel giveaway Set 2 - not my photo

China Glaze - Mahoganie and Millenium, Priti NYC - California Bluebell, Fire Candle, Horned Poppy, Love Patt and Lipstick Impatiens
Set 3

PicturedTinsel giveaway Set 3 - not my photo

Nubar - Star Sparkle, NYX - Dorothy, Priti NYC - Barbarossa, Bronze Fairy, Climbing Blueberry, Bleeding Heart and Voodoo Pelargonium

The images above are clickable thumbnails - the real size of the photos makes the body of my blog explode and look really weird, that's why I opted for thumbnails. I put the photos on my Photobucket because some people get really riled up about hotlinking and all that stuff so I figured it might be better to get it on my own (stupid) filehosting site. Dear Elena, I hope that's okay with you? If not I'd be happy to use your links - so much less effort :P

Even if you don't speak German be sure to pay Elena's blog a visit - she has gorgeous, really long nails in great shape and her swatches are awesome! Plus she always comes up with really fun nail art ideas. If you have any questions on the polishes don't be afraid to comment, since on top of all the great things I just mentioned she also speaks English and will definitely get back to you!

Since I'm probably coming off as the biggest a**kisser in history, I'll now stop my endless praise and just add that I have my eyes on Set 2...

Music accompanying the writing of this post:
Boyfriend - Love Style
2NE1 - Can't Nobody English Version
Big Bang - Hallelujah
GD & T.O.P - Don't Go Home

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