Thursday, September 20, 2012

essence - Rosewood Hood with uma cosmetics - heavenly white

Hey guys!

Today I'm showing you a pretty nice combo that is shimmery, but subtle and thus quite work-appropriate. Here we go!

essence - Rosewood Hood (Wild Craft LE)

Three coats for even coverage. A light beige nude with very subtle silver shimmer.

with uma cosmetics - heavenly white on top

One coat as shimmery green topper. I really like it, but I would be even happier if it gave a blue or purple shimmer. This was taken in the light of the evening sun, so it might appear a little orange or yellow-tinted.

I really like this combo, but sadly it chipped this morning :( I guess the fact that the layers of polish were thicker than my actual nail didn't really help. In any case I had to take it off when I got home...


  1. Mir gefällt der Lack solo besser, muss ich gestehen. Das Cremefinish macht ihn irgendwie edler...

    Liebe Grüße :)

    1. Zum Glück hat man ja beide Optionen :D

  2. Ich mag ja solche dezenten Farben total gerne für den Alltag. Aber bei "Rosewood" hätte ich eher an ein mittelkräftiges Rosa gedacht. ^.^

    1. Muss ich dir zustimmen, ich hätte auch eher einen rötlichen oder rosastichigen Ton vor Augen gehabt.


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