Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure - Plum Luck (no. 640)

Hey guys!

Here we go with the second Sally Hansen polish I bought, Plum Luck (is this an allusion to "pot luck"?).


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

Two coats. Again, quite sheer on the first coat, but not as much as Greige Gardens. This one doesn't need a third coat for me. I'm on the fence about this one, I'm not sure if I really like it. There's a lot of red in it. I actually like it best in the indoors shot, where it looks like a deep purple to me.

What do you think about this one? Do you like it?


  1. I really love this one!! I see so many gorgeous CSM polishes but the brush and I just don't get along, sadly =(

    1. I feel like none of the colors are really unique or something you can't find from other (less expensive) brands, but well. I don't know how much these are in the U. S., I guess they're cheaper than they are here. I quite like the brush, though I have to say it wasn't too easy to work with on the first try.

  2. Dear Andrea,
    SH CSM polishes are rather expensive here in the U.S., too... between $6.50 - 9.00 USD, depending on where you purchase them. Plum Luck is a play on words for "dumb luck", which (I think) means luck that strikes by sheer chance, with no rhyme or reason... I like your allusion to "potluck" more (yummy!).

    xx Gemminha

    1. Hello Gemminha!

      Haha, thanks, glad you like my idea ;) It didn't even cross my mind that it could also be "dumb luck".


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