Monday, August 6, 2012

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure - Greige Gardens (no. 404)

Hey guys!

This might be a bit boring for U. S. readers since you guys are probably more than familiar with Sally Hansen polishes. I recently found a Sally Hansen display at one of the local drugstores I frequent and I had to try that new brand. I had seen some top coats or treatments before, but never color polishes, so I was curious. They were pretty expensive, so I only got two. Today I'm showing you the first one.

Two coats. This is with direct light, overcast sky. It appears very sheer on the first coat but gets much better after the second. It could use a third coat, though.

The name always reminds me of the infamous "error 404"...

Tomorrow I'll show you the second polish I picked up :)


  1. Such a pretty colour! I love dusty purples like it :) Reminds me a bit of OPI Parlez-Vous OPI.

    1. I really like dusty colors as well :D After googling Parlez-vous OPI I have to agree with you, they seem similar!


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