Saturday, August 18, 2012

nail art for "Make Up Dreamz" - Sailor Mercury

Hey guys!

Talasia from Talasias Dreamz is doing a series called "Make Up Dreamz" which takes inspiration from one of my childhood favorites concerning TV series (or anime, to be more precise) - Sailor Moon! While I didn't feel inspired to participate in the first round, I'd like to do so for the second one, for which the "theme" is Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno. Although I barely dare call this nail "art", here I present to you what I came up with...

This is the picture I took my main inspiration from, although I also had the transformation process in mind:

And here is what I did (only on my left hand, mind you...) as design:

This is my first time doing something more than stripes, so I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! Especially of the harp, although it is not perfectly intricate or awesomely fine, I'm still proud of it. As for my right hand, I did what I have on my pointer and pinky finger for all five fingers, but without the white lines. It didn't look too great, haha. I'm horribly inept with my left hand, although I've gotten much better at applying polish. Oh well, I guess that's normal since I have no practice.

Let me know what you think and what your favorite childhood series was!


  1. Ich finde das hast du echt schön umgesetzt, freu mich sehr über deinen Beitrag ^_^ ich bin auf den Nägeln leider voll unbegabt :D

    1. Danke sehr, freut mich total! Es hat mich auch fast den ganzen Abend gekostet, haha. Ich musste am nächsten Tag mit einer bemalten und einer unbemalten Hand zur Arbeit gehen, lol.

  2. Oh my gosh! I totally LOVE SAILORMOON and my DREAM was to do a Sailor Moon nail polish line! So sad the idea has been taken! I can still do it though right?!? :)

    1. Do you mean as in a series of nail designs? Sure, you would neither be the first nor the last, I guess ^^


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