Sunday, August 19, 2012

Max Factor - Chilled Lilac, simple nail art with essence black is back and China Glaze Kinetic Candy

Hey guys!

Here is a little more nail art for you, really simple this time though! I wore Max Factor "Chilled Lilac" on Friday and just for fun I added some dots in the evening.

top: direct sunlight; bottom: indoors, under window

Three coats. I hate the brush on these mini polishes. It's so small; not extremely hard to work with but still annoying for me. The first coat was very thin, the second and third more on the thick side. The formula is not too bad but the mini brush just makes it hard for me to get the polish on evenly. Especially on my thumb nail, which I always feel is the most complicated to get done nicely since it's so huge.

I wanted to try out some nail art that I'd recently seen (I don't remember where, I'm sorry!), so I added some dots later the same day.

The black is essence "black is back" and the minty blue is China Glaze "Kinetic Candy".
I also did this on my right hand, but it looked pretty awful, haha. My left hand was far from steady when I did the dots, so they weren't really dots but just weird shapes. But well, I still liked how it came out on my left hand.

What do you think of this simple design?


  1. this looks awesome! I especially like the dots on your thumb, they look almost trippy!

  2. OoOooOo I like the dots!! I need to try something like that! Gorgeous idea! <3

    1. Thank you! I saw the design somewhere and thought it was nice and easy, haha!


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