Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OPI - Care to Danse? with Pirouette my Whistle

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm wearing these two together at the moment, so although you've probably all seen it before, I thought I'd show you two pictures I snapped this afternoon :)

OPI - Care to Danse? and Pirouette my Whistle

OPI Care to Danse? and Pirouette my Whistle 1 OPI Care to Danse? and Pirouette my Whistle 2

Two coats of each. I love love love this combo! I don't even wanna take it off. You can't see it on my left hand that much, but I have a bit of tipwear on my right hand (since I'm right-handed, work with a keyboard and lots of paper all day) and I may need to remove this today. I'm thinking about just painting my nails like this again afterwards, that's how much I adore this combo, haha.

Application is so nice with Care to Danse?, I was really surprised. Usually when I apply nudes, they are a bit streaky, but this isn't so much. Plus, although Pirouette my Whistle is a glitter, it's not in your face but quite subtle. It's amazing! I wore this to work and I usually don't do glitters during the working week. So yeah, I raved enough I guess ^^

See you soon!

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