Saturday, July 28, 2012

IN2IT - yummy

Hey guys!

Today I have a special polish to show you. A friend of mine recently went to Malaysia (so jelly) and, knowing of my love for nail polish, she bought two bottles for me! I was so happy! ^_^ So here we go with yummy!

This is one coat. I don't quite know if this is generally described as a foil, a frost, or a metallic. I'm thinking it has a bit of all of those. But I GUESS most people would say it's a foil. Sweet broom, I'm totally unsure. Help me out?

I really like this one and I find the name quite fitting and cute. Application and drying time were great, it hardly needed the fast drying top coat.

Do you own any foreign brand nail polish from the other end of the world? ^_^

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