Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues: Day Three - i'm bluetiful and ballerina's charm

Hey guys!

Welcome to Day Three of my mini series! Today we're gonna check out a blue polish with big silver glitter particles and a light greyed out lavender/pink polish with silver shimmer.

i'm bluetiful

top: direct sunlight; bottom: indoors

This is one thick coat. It covers quite well and the color reminds me of jeans ^^ I like it, but the silver glitter is very obvious even without sunlight making it shine. So it's maybe not the most work-appropriate polish (for my workplace).

ballerina's charm

top: direct sunlight; bottom: indoors

Two coats, fairly thin. If you use thicker coats it can look pretty good in one. I actually already wore this a short while back (about two weeks ago maybe?) and it also held up well. I used one coat then and for once I didn't have ANY tipwear whatsoever after work! Amazing. I really like how essence has reformulated their polishes, I feel like both coverage and application are noticeably better than before, at least for the colors I've tried so far.

Finally, colors I actually like and enjoy, haha! Thanks for stopping by and I'd be so happy to have you stop by again tomorrow!

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