Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues - Day Two: oh my glitter! and grey-t to be here

Hey guys!

And so we meet again... for the second installment of my mini series! The second pair is made up of a grey-ish and a purple polish.

oh my glitter!

Both indoors and without direct sunlight - I'm sorry, the sun had already disappeared around the corner of the house :(

This is two coats. The shimmer is really nice in my opinion, it's pink/reddish. Unfortunately, it's not very visible if there's not a whole lot of light.

grey-t to be here

Both indoors and without direct sunlight.

Can you believe that this is only one coat? Pretty amazing, huh? Sorry about the smudge on my ring finger. The shimmer in this one is pink and looks like micro flakies. It's really subtle if there's not a lot of light, if not invisible, haha. I'm a bit disappointed about that, but well.

Thanks for stopping by (again?) and see you tomorrow for Day Three!

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