Monday, July 30, 2012

Clinique chubby sticks - woppin' watermelon and pudgy peony

Hey guys!

Today I have something a little different to show you. Clinique recently came out with new shades for their chubby sticks, which are basically highly moisturizing tinted lip balms. The name seems quite befitting, since they are shaped similarly to those huge colored pencils that many of us used as kids ^_^ I'm babbling a bit here, so if you want straight-up facts just go right to the bottom of the post where I give my final verdict!

I saw these a few times on blogs lately and was intrigued by the promise of combining color and great moisturizing quality. My lips get dry even during summer; not as much as during winter, but still. So about a week ago I broke and managed to ignore the horrendous price tag of EUR 19.49 (~ USD 24 - the price varies a little, depending on which store you buy from, I got my two chubby sticks at Müller) and purchased woppin' watermelon.

I was initially after curvy candy since 1. it seemed to be the most suitable shade for me from the new range and 2. I didn't know what the shades that have been around for longer already looked like.
When I was at the store, though, I swatched curvy candy, realized there wouldn't be much color visible at all on my lips (which are usually naturally quite red, except when I'm sick or very tired, lol) and went to check out the "old" colors as well. The name of woppin' watermelon sounded funny, and what can I say? It was pretty much love at first swatch. I compared it with curvy candy, realized the color payoff was better and that I even liked the color more, so it went into my basket!

Since then, I was amazed by the great moisturizing quality of this little stick. The color is very sheer but gives a nice tint (well, duh) and shine to the lips. It's not as shiny as lipgloss, though, which is a huge plus in my book. I don't like lipgloss, sorry. I liked woppin' watermelon so much that I had to get another shade, and this time I chose pudgy peony. Now let's see what these two colors look like swatched.

top: woppin' watermelon, bottom: pudgy peony

As you can see, woppin' watermelon is a very light and sheer pink, while pudgy peony is a little more pigmented and leans on the purplish side.

I really like them both, although my boyfriend just said that pudgy peony looks very bright and almost neon (I have it on right now as I'm typing this) which almost makes me feel sad (silly, I know). I suppose I could go lighter on application next time I use it ^^; And yes, that's my hand in the swatch picture. Next time you think "she can't be that pale", think of that picture and reconsider, lol.

Final verdict: The Clinique chubby sticks are exactly what they promise to be - "moisturizing lip colour balms" (statement on the chubby sticks themselves and the packaging). I think these are great for summer if you want a bit of color but feel that lipstick would be too heavy. There are lots of shades of pink and red as well as some purplish or brownish ones so you are almost guaranteed to find something you like.

Some more facts:
price: EUR 19.49/~ USD 24.- (price may be different depending on where you purchase)
content: 3 g/0.10 oz (I feel like a little goes a long way here.)

Overall I really like these. They feel good on my lips and the slight pop of color is nice as well.

I hope you enjoyed this little (or not so little) break from the usual polish posts. See you again soon!


  1. I have the watermelon one but the peony looks so pretty! :) These are really fun and though imitations have been released, there's nothing quite like the original.

    1. Yay for watermelon! Haha :) I really like them, especially since I'm not really bold enough to wear lipstick when I go outside.


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