Saturday, July 14, 2012

[Clash of the Polishes] Astor - 321 vs essie - In Stitches

Hey guys!

I know I promised another Clash of the Polishes, and I will post that up tomorrow, but since I wore Astor 321 yesterday I did this comparison first. I hope you won't mind :)

Astor Quick 'N Go! 321 vs essie In Stitches


Astor Quick 'N Go! 321


Astor Quick 'N Go! 321 vs essie In Stitches sunlight


So the difference between them seems very obvious, but in real life it's much less noticeable. My camera sort of picked up strong orange-rusty tones from In Stitches, but you can't exactly see that so much unless you hold your hand up right in front of your face.

Final verdict: They are not dupes, although the difference is not as obvious in real life as in the photos.

See you tomorrow for OPI - Road House Blues vs essie - No More Film!


  1. Not quite dupes, but the difference is much less noticeable in the sunlight picture, I think you could have almost got away with passing them off as the same!


    1. Yes, and from further away they look very much alike, too.


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